Would this be considered illegal or fraudulent?

I јυѕt switched auto insurance carriers. Sο аt tһіѕ time I һаνе both policies іח effect. WουƖԁ іt bе considered fraud іf I wеrе tο wreck mу vehicle аחԁ claim tһе ԁаmаɡе οח both policies?

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6 Responses to “Would this be considered illegal or fraudulent?”


    Yes it would be fraud. Just do the honest thing and have only one.

  • roundman84:

    You can’t file on both policies. If the vehicle is totaled one of the companies would want the vehicle. You should cancel one of the policies.

  • Paul B:


    It would be called “Insurance Fraud” and it could range from a misdemeanor to a felony depending on your state law regulating it!

    I suggest that you do not give up your day time job!

  • bob shark:

    Not only that, but both insurance companies would refuse your claim.

  • Shellbell:

    It is both illegal and fraudulent, and trying it could get you into a lot of trouble.

  • caffeyw:

    Yes it would. A felony is most states. First off the company would want to see the vehicle. If it where totaled BOTH companies would want title to the vehicle before they sent you a check. Also insurance companies keep databases to share this information for this purpose. While they will not put your name in the database, they will log your vehicle, date of loss, and amount. When the next company does the same red flags will go off, and soon red and blue lights will be showing up at your house to escort you to your new home for the next few months-years.

    Now on a side note you need to cancel the other policy quickly. Otherwise you’re going to have problems with them arguing over which policy should cover, and if there’s differences in coverage what each policy can cover. People sometimes think having two policies is better then one, but when it comes to insurance only one policy will be primary, and once it pays out, unless the secondary policy would have paid more then the primary there’s nothing the secondary policy will pay. (and if the pay out would have been more, you will only get the difference, NOT another total payout)

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