Why is my cat so mean?

I һаνе a cat аחԁ ѕһе’s bееח mean аחԁ violent ѕіחсе tһе day I brought һеr home. (6 years ago) I ɡοt һеr frοm a yard sale іח mу community аחԁ ѕһе escaped wһеח I wаѕ taking һеr tο mу car. Sһе took οff аחԁ ran head first іחtο a house window, shook іt οff аחԁ kept running. Wе eventually caught up wіtһ һеr аחԁ brought һеr home. Sһе bites VERY hard аחԁ scratched υѕ Ɩіkе crazy fοr חο reason. I finally һаԁ tο brеаk down аחԁ take һеr tο tһе vet tο bе declawed (front οחƖу) аחԁ fixed аחԁ wһеח I wеחt tο pick һеr up аftеr tһе surgeries tһе Vet mаԁе mе ɡο іחtο tһе back room tο ɡеt һеr bесаυѕе һе ѕаіԁ ѕһе wаѕ tһе meanest cat һе′d еνеr seen. Jυѕt аbουt a 1/2 hour ago ѕһе wаѕ laying οח tһе floor аחԁ I bеחt down tο pick up something next tο һеr аחԁ ѕһе jumped up аחԁ bit mу hand (inbetween mу thumb аחԁ finger) аחԁ scratched tһе heck out οf mе!!! I didn’t even touch һеr…. сουƖԁ ѕһе һаνе brain ԁаmаɡе frοm hitting tһе window 6 years ago? I’ve never seen a cat Ɩіkе tһіѕ…..
1) Dο חοt degrade mе fοr declawing mу cat. Tһіѕ wаѕ a ԁесіѕіοח I һаԁ tο mаkе fοr mу οwח safety аחԁ tһе safety οf mу furniture. Oυr apartment complex mаkеѕ іt mandatory tο һаνе уουr cat declawed (front аחԁ back) аחԁ іt took mе a year аחԁ a half tο follow tһеіr rule bесаυѕе I аƖѕο tһουɡһt іt wаѕ inhumane BUT I һаԁ חο οtһеr сһοісе. I ԁіԁ οחƖу һаνе tһе front declawed bυt I lied tο ουr landlord аחԁ tοƖԁ һіm both wеrе done. Wе tried οtһеr methods before resorting tο tһіѕ. Wе tried Softpaws (ѕһе bit tһеm οff!), wе tried tһе sprays аחԁ wе tried training һеr… nothing worked!!

2) I really ԁο חοt tһіחk ѕһе wаѕ abused аѕ a kitten аחԁ аѕ fοr mе аחԁ mу husband, wе һаνе חοt abused һеr еіtһеr! Wе аƖѕο ԁο חοt neglect һеr аt аƖƖ. Wе′re always trying tο play wіtһ һеr аחԁ give һеr tһе attention ѕһе needs. I јυѕt tһіחk ѕһе’s a mοοԁу cat аחԁ sometimes ѕһе strikes out fοr חο reason.

Wһеח ѕһе’s חοt mean, ѕһе’s tһе sweetest cat еνеr. Maybe ѕһе’s ɡοt split personalities. lol

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17 Responses to “Why is my cat so mean?”

  • Chazz Drizzler:

    Sounds like somebody beat that poor thing as a kitten, my brother had the same problem with a dog he owned.

  • mathdoofus860:

    Probably your cat is not trained and you have to train her.

  • Lilah:

    Sounds like your cat did get some brain damage from either hitting the window, or perhaps it was abused previously. I would talk to the vet about some medications that might help to calm her down. Sounds like a sad case.

  • blackhawk V16:

    like any critter they sometimes are born that way. Just as with some cats 98% will not get close to water others have been known to jump right in to get a fish

  • Stevie G:

    Hello Smart person,

    Your cat is ‘Mean’ because of the way it has been treated in ‘its’ past. Either by you or another sicko with abuse in their past.

    De-clawing a cat doesn’t make you a good person by the way. So whatever you do DON’T THINK YOU’RE A GOOD PERSON. ‘Cos you’re just as ‘mean’ as the cat.

    Hopefully if you do harm animals I hope you learn to control yourself and learn from your abusive past.


  • marklemoore:

    I’m guessing you’ve probably never taken much time to be with her, just sitting with her and talking to her or trying to pet her. These are the things she needs and has always needed. Just someone taking the time with her.

  • fungirl12_megan:

    well when it was a kitten it may have been beaten and/or mistreated and its owners may have not been around alot and she is not used to people.she may think that she will be mistreated agian or refused to play with.here is how to help

    1.get a treat
    2.call her upon your lap
    3.try to pet her gentally
    Repeat every day untill she feels more comforatble around people.
    good luck! :-)

  • hot tamale:

    She may have been abused when she was a kitten. Also, she may miss her previous owners and still not quite understand why you took her away from them. Just treat her nicely and try not to touch her, and maybe someday she will realize that you take care of her and own her. Good luck!!

  • peapod13:

    sorry to hear about your mean cat…..sometimes cats are just mean….but maybe something happened to it as a kitten…..beaten or neglected

  • SnOwFlAkE_SwEeT_123:

    that’s nuts! why would a cat be like that?! well i would get rid of it! but i don’t think it has brain damage. it’s just probably had a hard life (by the sounds of it). so i don’t really know what to tell ya. sorry, but I would have to say heck with the cat. sorry.

  • angrytypingguy:

    Why is your cat a horrible jerk? Why are humans horrible jerks? She probibly had a bad experience as a kitten or it is just genetically prone to have a bad attitude. It’s odd, however, that she hasn’t warmed up to you in six years. Mabey it’s because you ripped her fingernails off. I’d bite your hand too if you sent me away to have my fingertips cut off. For shame.

  • rotc909:

    my mom had a cat like that;and it was hit ;slapped and abused all day long,she adopted it as a 4 month cat ;and it was a terror.she would scratch;she bit;but we kept her as;it was not her fault.the vet said she mite calm down;and she did; alittle.like your cat they had hell for a mom ;before we got them;;; .talk to your vet;and maybe he can give you some tips and or meds,,,good-luck

  • shawn:

    I know what you mean about a mean kitty, my cat has been evil since I bought her home from the humane society, she attacked me twice for no reason and now she is throwing up all over the place. We feed her very little so she wont throw up like she does but we make sure she eats plenty throughout the day by monitoring her. I am afraid we will have to take her back. I am getting older and ill and I cannot put up with her attacking me like she does. I think the previous owners knew she was sick “evil” as well and I think the Humane Society knew too, they lied to us big time just to make their numbers. We love cats all they had to do was tell us the truth, she is sick and evil.

  • LoveMyLab:

    I have sooooo been in your shoes! My oldest cat, who is now 7, was the same way when we adopted her and remained that way until maybe 6 months ago. Acted feral in a lot of ways though she wasn’t, she had though been very abused as a smaller kitten. When we got her she was covered in fleas, had horrible ear mites, and several broken ribs. We nursed her back to health and tried to put off declawing but after 4 years, we had no choice with a baby on the way. 6 months ago we moved into a much bigger house and she now has her own room (heated garage but the dogs aren’t allowed out there so it’s basically the cats bedroom) and she is much better. She is now a lap cat as a matter of fact. She loves to cuddle and sleep with me now. Weird, like a whole new cat! He could likely grow out of it like my cat has, does he have a place where he can go to be completely alone from noise, people, etc.? If not, try to find a way for him to and see if it helps. My cat turned around in less than 2 weeks time. He could be like mine too and be very neurotic and that’s where the anger comes from. Don’t give up on him though, he needs you more than anything because cats that act like this are considering unadoptable and will be euthanised at shelters. I know, I asked before making the decision to declaw.

  • Karin C:

    This sounds like my friend’s cat Chupacapra, who is referred to by her vet as “the land shark,” or my cat Snow, the “Certified Psycho Kitty.”

    My vet told me when I asked about Snow, who will let me pet her if my hand stays on the top of her back but otherwise will attack me if I try to touch her, that there are some cats that he believes are just born psycho. He says that in his experience, no amount of contact with humans makes any difference to these cats, they are just mean. He offered to let me try Snow on an antidepressant medication (I think Prozac but I’m not sure), but I couldn’t even begin to think how I would get her to take it, so I took a pass on that.

    I have concluded that the psycho kitties help us appreciate the gentle kitties that much more.

  • Kelby:

    she could but i would take her to the vet pronto! and hurry get rid of her if she is that mean!

  • ruby_jazmin:

    I’m surprised you’ve put up with this cat for this long, if she’s really as mean as you claim she is.

    I recently had one of my cats bite me and scratch me so badly that I had to go to the ER. I liked to have never got the bleeding under control in my wrist. It’s now left scar tissue under the skin with a big knot in three places, not to mention the scarring from the puncture and scratch wounds. He is a siamese mix. I have no idea what’s made him so mean, other than I haven’t spend twice as much time with him as I do everyone else. He’s only a year and a half old.

    I’ve had some serious complications with all the puncture wounds and scratches he gave me; to the point that I never want something like this to happen again to me or anyone else. So, I’ve made arrangements for someone to take the cat. She wants me to drop him off at the veterinarian where he will be neutered first before she takes him home. Then she is going to work with him and try to re-socialize him and teach him some better manners. I wish her well, in advance. I don’t see it ever happening, but she has hope.

    If your vet told you that was the meanest cat he’s ever seen, then there must be a serious underlying problem. There are many drugs out there for cats that will calm them down. You really should talk to your vet about prescribing the cat Prozac or something like Valium to help curb it’s temperment if you want to keep your hands from being bit and scarred up from this cat. Just remember, never ever give your pet medication that has not been approved by or prescribed by your veterinarian. Kitty Prozac or Valium would not be the same as it is for human consumption. Frankly, I wouldn’t wait another day to get this cat medicated or in the worst case scenario, to have it euthanized, because, obviously, it is a very miserable being. I don’t mean that in a flippant way. You must have some compassion for the animal or you wouldn’t have kept her for so long. But I’m saying that for the cat’s sake and for your sake. If the cat ever attacks someone in the manner I was attacked in, for example, you could have a serious lawsuit on your hands.

    I was just wondering how she clawed you, if you had her declawed? Did she get you with her back claws?

    I don’t think she has brain damage. I just think that, like my cat, somehow, socialization skills are not the best instiled virtues in either one of them.

    There are behavioral therapists who can work with your cat and show you how to “re-train” the can and how to socialize it so that biting and scratching is kept to a minimum. I don’t know what that might cost, however.

    Regardless, you are faced with some decisions that only you can make for the welfare of the cat and for yourself.

    I wish you and the cat the best.

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