When you buy a car does the dealer have to tell you if its been wrecked in the past?

Wе bουɡһt a 2007 pacifica last week, mу fiancee wеחt tο wash іt аחԁ noticed tһе bumper wаѕ replaced, аחԁ һе ѕаіԁ уου саח tеƖƖ іtѕ bееח wrecked іf уου look аt іt really ɡοοԁ. Iѕ tһе dealer supposed tο tеƖƖ уου tһеѕе kinds οf things wһеח уου bυу tһе car??
Ok LB, ɡеt over yourself…..Im sorry i didnt ɡο іחtο exact detail аbουt һοw һе knows іt wаѕ wrecked, tһаt wasnt tһе point οf mу qυеѕtіοח anyway.

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5 Responses to “When you buy a car does the dealer have to tell you if its been wrecked in the past?”

  • Jonique M:

    Iam not sure that they have to tell you that. When buying a used car always ask questions and get a carfax vehicle history report

  • LB:

    What do you mean by wrecked ?

    Just because its bumper has been replaced ( and if it has how can he tell ?) does not mean its been wrecked it means its had a new bumper.

    It is so easy to damage a bumper – get over it.

    You didnt buy a new car.

  • punjabi munda:

    They don’t have to, and they don’t want to. If the car is wrecked, the dealer knows that nobody will buy it. Remember, if its too good to be true, its probably a lie. Always buy a car history report before buying a car.

  • togatame:

    They are not required to tell you anything by law. Especially if it’s being sold with “as is” marked on the window slip. It’s your responsibility to get a car report. One is called carfax. I’m not endorsing them it’s the only one I know. Also the only have reported incidents. If it were never reported to an insurance company then you won’t find a record. Do you have a friend who works on cars ( professionally ) that can help you?

  • The Auto Evaluatorâ„¢:

    Not unless the vehicle has a salvage/rebuilt title. It’s the buyers responsibility to have a vehicle inspected prior to purchasing, which includes an AutoCheck or Carfax report. Good Luck.

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