does anyone else have problems with neon turn-signals not working properly?

i wουƖԁ рυt οח left signal аחԁ аƖƖ three rear lights wουƖԁ blink. bееח tο salvage yard fοr a used turn switch аחԁ һаνе һаԁ חο luck finding one tһаt works. i wουƖԁ һаtе tο bυу a חеw one frοm dealer, tһеу rυח 80-90 bucks. аחу іԁеаѕ?

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3 Responses to “does anyone else have problems with neon turn-signals not working properly?”

  • george:

    if your lights blink then its not your switch. you may have a short in the wiring to your lights or a bulb filament is out causing it to happen. try changing the bulbs first and see if that works. if not then have your wiring checked.

  • Doc. justasinner111:

    Dodge has bad wiring in all their vehicles except the German made Sprinter Van.

  • guess78624:

    If other side works ok, -I don’t think you have a switch problem!
    I would start with the rear lights (am assuming the fronts all work ok). First thing you should look at is to make sure the ground connections are good. A clue will be what everything does at night with the parking lights on, – (you may find even more wild results). If ground connections are floating, – the power goes through the second filament in the bulb, and back through the system backwards to seek ground. This will appear to make tail lights and parking lights appear to be working backward sometimes. Also try removing bulbs one at a time and checking results, you could have a shorted out bulb (it happens sometimes). You may get different results when you switch bulbs around,-(on my 96 they are all the same #s) As a matter of fact when the t.s. bulb burned out the other day, I switched it with the backup light one, – so now the t.s. works but one backup light is out (something I can live with for a while)!

    Oh another clue for future reference, when one of teh t.s. bulbs burns out (or ground floating) the signal on that side will blink slower than the other (same for front bulb too).

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