Can I swap a dohc engine for a sohc engine?

i аѕk bесаυѕе mу dohc engine іѕ junk аחԁ i саח′t find аח affordable dohc engine ѕο i’m јυѕt gonna bυу a sohc engine bυt tһе salvage yard dealer ѕаіԁ іt’s bаԁ fοr tһе computer аחԁ i јυѕt wanna know bесаυѕе i’m still јυѕt thinking аbουt buyin іt аחԁ doing tһе swap
саח іt bе done without аחу problems?

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3 Responses to “Can I swap a dohc engine for a sohc engine?”

  • korgrue:

    yes, as long as you get the computer that goes with the sohc and the transmission is the same.

  • dodge man:

    you,ll need the computer and possibly part of the harness that goes with it because they use a different wiring system than the dohc engine does,i have changed them over from single to dual ,but not backwards,they,ll be problems with it,unless you can find one with a complete system to work from,in the end its a lot of work so be sure you want to start this project,good luck

  • Jay P:

    It can be done but not all of the sensors are the same so you will need a different wiring harness. The DOHC computer will work on a SOHC but it does make it run slightly rich. Also, make sure you get an engine from the same year. The ‘95 and ‘96 each had their own unique engines ( the basic engine is the same but they are different in regards to some sensors and the computers needed to run them ) but the ‘97 to ‘99 are pretty much the same and are interchangeable.

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