2009 B93 Birthday Bash Flood

Tһіѕ wаѕ јυѕt tһе beginning οf tһе flood οf tһе Grand River next tο tһе Ionia Free Fairgrounds, wһеrе tһе 2009 B93 Birthday Bash wаѕ being held. At tһіѕ point, mу wife аחԁ һеr friend wеrе inside tһе fairgrounds watching tһе group performing wһіƖе I wаѕ checking οח ουr vehicle аftеr іt wаѕ announced tһаt tһе river wаѕ rising. I еחԁеԁ up having tο mονе іt tο higher ground, hoping tһаt wһеח tһе flood ɡοt worse, іt wουƖԁ חοt reach іt.

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25 Responses to “2009 B93 Birthday Bash Flood”

  • Musicismylife2386:

    Ugh I was there that was such a disaster!

  • Runepalidan1:

    Ir eally wanted to go to it too, stil have the tickets

  • killerbeez75:

    either way its done and over not to mention they anounced for people to leave but all the rednecks didnt understand i guess so by the time it was said and done bye bye cars

  • miloswife01:

    because all of the entrence and exits where blocked by he floods as well!

  • P8121:

    figure out what to do? how bout drive out? why is everyone standing around doing nothing?

  • billwest69:

    I haven’t attended a birthday bash in many years. It was always easier for me when it was held at Allegan County Fairgrounds. There were too many limited ways out here at Ionia. I am surprised so many people went this year when the weather had been so bad the entire night before. Why would people bother when they knew at a minimum the grounds was going to be very wet. The lineup wasn’t that great to deal with that.

  • StoneyMan85:

    We didn’t get the free tickets…we paid $44 a ticket and nowhere does it say that…the only thing we got said pay $15 to park per car or $10 at the gate per person…and there were 3 of us…so parking in the lot was 1/2 the price.

  • killerbeez75:

    lets do that so then istead of bitching about this you can bitch about higher taxes

  • killerbeez75:

    if you are a native you didnt have to park on the grounds all u needed was an I D and you got in free read the back of your tickets

  • openroad88:

    All I can say is,

    “That’s Ionia for ya.”

  • StoneyMan85:

    We are natives of Ionia as well…and this year B93 was forcing you to park at the fairgrounds…unlike past years where you could park at a friends house or in open lots around town that permitted parking. And B93 has had the bash here before and know that the area floods bad, as it has for other bashes…just as any native can tell you it floods with a 1/2 inch of rain…what did they think was going to happen with 3 1/2? If they had let us park off campus…it wouldn’t be this bad.

  • yzerman9659:

    ok, for one thing i dont think b93 picked those parking areas…those are the only places ionia has for parking at the fairgrounds so therefore ionia picked them. im a native from ionia, ive lived here my whole life, and i just need to tell you that the flooding down there is minimal compared to what we usually get, alright. the water isnt even up to the skatepark. the olny difference this time around is that thousands of people happen to be down there with their cars.

  • kailoudwy:

    When we got there around 11, 11:30am, they were still letting people park south of the river. We passed cars who already had water up to their wheels. We thought it was just rain water, not river water. The officials knew better and should have acted then, instead of waiting til 7pm to end the show.

    And this isn’t just “one little thing.” Hundreds of cars are completely trashed. Cars don’t grow on trees you know…

  • kailoudwy:

    Trust me, being closer to the exit wasn’t any good. They didn’t let anyone out who didn’t have four wheel drive. We had pushed our van right to the front there and watched people leave.

  • StoneyMan85:

    We, as guests of this concert and drivers of our vehicles going to this concert, are not responsible for picking shitty parking areas. If it wasn’t B93 who picked out the parking areas, then whoever did should be COMPLETELY RESPONSIBLE for the water damage to the cars currently sitting there in that flood and should pay. I am sure there are many more people than you can imagine who would agree with me on this.

  • StoneyMan85:

    We, as the fans of Country, go to this concert to support the great work that B93 does, but when they keep the entertainment as planned, even after a heavy rainfall, they now become responsible for parking. If anything, get rid of the people who spend their nights actually in the fairgrounds…it could be used for parking. Also, get rid of the vendors outside the fairgrounds for even more parking. Wasn’t there enough vendors inside the area where the concert was being held?

  • StoneyMan85:

    And don’t be calling anyone ungrateful pricks. That is pretty rude. Yeah, it’s great that B93 can give away hundreds of free tickets, but why the hell would they still allow people to park in parking areas that THEY PICKED OUT and knew there was a greater probability of flooding?

  • StoneyMan85:

    If anything, it is B93’s fault for even keeping the Birthday Bash scheduled to continue on the 20th and the 21st, even after the storm and heavy rain from the 19th that they knew about. Also, the County of Ionia should eventually do something soon to prevent flood waters from rising into regular parking lots by building flood walls against the water banks or something to keep that water from going to those areas.

  • StoneyMan85:

    It was their fault to pick that area south of the fairgrounds for parking spaces. They knew even before the birthday bash started that the Grand River was rising. They should have made vehicles park somewhere else insteading of just allowing everyone to go in and eventually get blocked in by the flood.

  • StoneyMan85:

    It was lucky for those people who were closer to the exit than I was. There were a few hundred cars seperating my car from those cars getting out. It does suck that the rest of the vehicles out there may have very serious water damage.

  • daviton2000:

    There is some more videos on the flood from the other side on my youtube. My friends Trail Blazer is still out there in that mess.

  • 6469368:

    My friends badass F-350 is under water in that mess and i think that someone is going to have to pay for all the cars that were ruined or there is going to a lot of problems for sure

  • HawkFan50:

    You know what gets me its not enough that the tickets are given away to us civilians, but once one little thing goes wrong that was out of everybody’s hands, everyone wants them to pay for it…..100% free admission and everybody stills wants to bitch…..It’s not there fault, you took the risk of driving up there and parking in their parking lot….suck it up you ungrateful pricks

  • aaronluvstaylor:

    yeah i was there too! we had to leave our car too. And so many other people did too! Someone better take responsibility and pay for ALL of the damage that their mistakes cost everyone! One annoying thing is most of the news stations arent getting the whole complete true story out and its frustrating! But someone is going to pay for it, probably Ionia county……

  • StoneyMan85:

    I am sure many people were and still are pissed about having to leave their cars there. Some one is definitely going to have to pay for the water damage for all those cars.

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